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What Readers are Saying

M. Benoit

"Right from the submit button, I couldn’t take a breath. The action kept me riveted to the page. All along the way I kept wondering how I’d react if this were my life. Before I could think about it, I was off to the next action-packed adventure!"

D. Cohen

"I begin to read one evening. The next morning, I stayed all cozy in bed and finished it. Easy reading. Interesting characters. Detailed work of characters, sites, fashion, food and drink. Although it takes place in a medical surrounding, it can be applied everywhere. Did the author have a great imagination? do an incredible amount of research? was it biographic?"

F. Goodman

"Finally, a story that held my interest.
I haven't read a book in a while that inspired me to read past the first chapter. This book held on to me. It's the right mixture of intrigue, sex, characters and distinction. Refreshing subject that keeps you wanting more. I felt like I knew the characters as friends and now that I've finished the book, I miss them.
It was an honest, easy read and I loved the shorter chapters.
I can't wait for another novel by Sydney Stern, I want to read more from her! "

B. E. Turner Delisle

"I Loved this book!! What an enjoyable and engaging read. Not only was it entertaining but the topics that formed the story line were well researched giving me an inside peek into the unique challenges of providing medical services to high powered, influential people around the world, including how politics affects the decisions made. The author used such enjoyably descriptive language that I often felt I was on location or right in the room with the characters. The characters were so believable and accessible that I felt I knew them. And the sexual tension and exploits—varied, abundant, relatable and stimulating! Each chapter ended cleverly, always leaving me with the desire to know what the next moves were going to be, making it hard to put the book down. And the ending.... I wanted more!!! I can’t wait for a sequel so I can find out what happens next!!"

M. Hertz

"I enjoyed “The Scandal Clause.” It took me only three days to finish it…And I was struck by the detail with which you describe nearly every meal! I actually laughed out loud in the book when you described a meal with only three foods—that’s the kind of meal I’m used to. Overall, it’s a great story!"

C. Kibe

"The author captured all the crazy power struggles and politics of life in DC….I liked the characters and the intense pace and the experience of the story, and could not put it down. The ending chapters are full of suspense and made me want to read a sequel. Great read! "

K. Byrne

"I LOVED the book! I stayed up till 2:30am to finish it. It was so good I couldn’t stop. "

P. Meyerhoff

"A gripping & intense novel as vulnerable surgical nurse Laura accepts a $700,000 job contract with an unusual clause to work with a narcissistic, controlling neurosurgeon Dr Russell whose subtle grooming of Laura leads to an unexpected feminist #MeToo response to male dominance in the work place."

T. Hertz

"An enjoyable read for anyone, including those homebound during these difficult times. The character development was excellent. The arrogance of Dr. Russell was believable. Laura seemed a little naive, but one never knows what one would do it one could make all that money in two year. It was a real page turner, as you never knew until almost the end what would happen. I really enjoyed it, could not put it down. I read the last quarter of the book in one sitting, finished at almost 1:00 AM"

A. Headlam

"A job that fills the fantasy is offered and accepted, but it comes with a huge price to pay. In this work of fiction by Stern, she piques our interest with realistic characters and a plot so dramatic that the reader won’t want to put the book down. Who wouldn’t want to explore the possibility of an adventurous relationship with power and prestige? The reader is pulled chapter by chapter through events that build into a finish both surprising and unpredictable. Anyone who has ever dreamed of what life could be like, if they were given opportunity and money, will find this story compelling."

Excerpts from the Book

Excerpt: Chapter 1

The computer screen lit.
That ad again.
Black bordered numbers bold and real. Not one comma had been shifted, not one number removed.
She read it again.
Nurse with Master’s Degree. Surgical skills. Prominent neurosurgeon practice.
Passport. Ability to travel at a moment’s notice and work under pressure. Psychological testing required at interview. Two-year commitment. $50,000 bonus at completion.
Cover letter, resume, recommendations. Apply to address below.
The “below” was a New York City P.O. Box. The $700,000 too enormous to ignore.
Excerpt: Chapter 1

“We have our most intimate room reserved for you,” continued the maître-d, and bid them follow to the end of the hall. “This chamber has the only private restroom. No need to disturb for any reason.” The maître-d winked, then inquired, “May I bring you wine, sir, before the dinner menu?”
Laura choked.
Dinner, wine, bathrooms, intimate? He was married with children. And they had to face each other every day at work. 
“Listen, Laura,” Morris explained, “We’re working on the weekend—I thought a private, comfortable place…”
A familiar sick feeling came creeping over her. She couldn’t stay here—not in the room, not in the restaurant.
“Yeah, right,” she’d interrupted. “Why not the office?”
I can’t do one more minute of this, she thought. The job was bad enough. Morris had just made it a fucking mess. Why does it have to be such a mess, she wondered, this men, work and sex thing?

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Phone: 407-380-6556

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