The Scandal Clause

Brain surgery, sex, power, politics and the dangers of living at the top.

Laura Greenwald, nursing administrator at a busy Boston hospital, has dealt with snowballing demands in her job for too long. Then she sees five words that might change her life: Nurse, Passport, Travel, $700,000/year. The job advertised promises a world beyond her imagination.

What would a $700,000 job require?  She wasn’t sure she wanted to find out. Laura had already lived through what looked too good to be true. But she couldn’t stop thinking about the salary.

In an impulsive moment, she applies for the position thinking she will be ignored amidst hundreds of qualified candidates. Then she forgets the whole thing until an unnamed person calls her at work. Laura answers figuring nothing could be more aggravating than the meeting she was in. 

That was her first miscalculation. Would there be a second? 

Would the phone call mean she was in the running for that incredible job? Is this job going to ask Laura for more than she’s willing to give?

The Scandal Clause is a fast-paced novel of contemporary romantic suspense addressing a riveting and never-ending mystery—How can so many prominent leaders ruin their lives in such incredible sexual and financial debacles? How on earth can they act that way? And who’s coming up with a solution to this mess?  The Scandal Clause has an answer.

International medicine, power, and money lay the backdrop for a story line that is keeps the reader guessing. This contemporary novel of suspense, relationships, and life changing decisions hits at the core of issues facing women ages 25-50.

With a 35-year background in psychology, family therapy, special education and sexual abuse treatment, Dr. Stern has turned her professional experiences and writing skills to fiction in this novel.

The Scandal Clause by Sydney Stern

©2019 Sydney Stern. All rights reserved. ISBN #: 978-1-7336435-9-7.